Polska Grupa
Producentów Obuwia

PGPO, or the Polish Footwear Manufacturers Group is an association founded in 2019 in
Kalwarii Zebrzydowskiej, as a response to crooked legislation that makes
many importers can impersonate national brands.


And although the PGPO was established in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, we want to act for all
Polish producers from a broadly defined industry, so we associate members throughout the
country. In the world of casual online networking, distance doesn’t matter. And the more of us,
the more powerful we are and the more we can do.


At present, we already associate several dozens of companies from the footwear industry and related industries (e.g.
manufacturing soles and bottoms, tanneries, shoe stores). Each company that is a member of
of our association has 100% Polish capital, because this is our goal –
We want to support and develop the Polish footwear industry. Even if it required changes

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