About us


PGPO is a Polish Group of Footwear Manufacturers that anyone in the industry can join.

It is worth emphasizing once again that this is a POLISH group.

This is a key word, because we want to put an end once and for all to importers impersonating Polish brands and misleading customers.

Many compatriots want to support domestic entrepreneurs with their purchases, especially now when the situation is uncertain. Customers want to feel that they support their own and therefore try to choose domestic products. Unfortunately, this trend is perfidiously used by many companies, which deliberately put the name and country of the distributor on the boxes. Sometimes it is not even known where and by whom the product was produced, and this significantly lowers the standards.

In addition, by acting in this way (i.e. producing shoes abroad and not informing customers about it) a situation arises in which the customer, buying shoes of theoretically Polish entrepreneurs, does not really support the national economy and domestic companies. And what is worst – he does not even know about it!

We will change it, but to do that we need to unite, so we are counting on you, because the more of us there are, the more we can do.

After all, there is strength in group.

Therefore, this Association was established, which brings together companies from the footwear industry in the broadest sense (not only manufacturers, but also all subcontractors – tanneries, wholesalers, etc.) with a completely Polish capital.

The goal is noble and common for all and we have already managed to do a lot – we have patented the PGPO mark, which can be used only by associated and verified manufacturers. In addition, we are planning a strong promotional campaign of this logo, so that we appear in the wider awareness and customers will know which shoes to reach for.

For ours!

Of course, in addition to the promotion itself, we are also betting on concrete legal action. We are going to introduce an order to mark the country of the manufacturer, so that unfair competition will no longer use the loophole for their purposes.

We are well on our way to achieving this, but we need clout. And that strength is the next members of the Association.

The more of us there are, the more we can do.


We encourage you to join our Association if the above values are important to you.

And we believe they are.

Each additional member increases our chances for success. And eventually there will be so many of us that we can make fair changes to the law.

It will benefit everyone, producers and customers alike, so it’s definitely worth it. Especially since membership costs NOTHING.

Exactly so! We have no monthly membership fees and the only fee is the entry fee (50-200 PLN – at your own discretion).

We do not squander these funds, but invest in activities that will produce rewarding results for all.

In addition, we plan to form a purchasing group that will work with all members of the Association to relieve ongoing expenses (e.g., fuel, insurance, debt collection, waste disposal, etc.).

We want to create a community that not only fights for a big, common goal, but also supports each other every day.

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