Donation Regulations



  1. These Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the Donations Regulations) set out the rules for making donations to support the statutory activities of Polish Footwear Manufacturers Group (hereinafter referred to as the Association) via the Association’s website available at: and define the rights and obligations of Service Recipients (Donors) and the Administrator (the Association) in connection with making donations.
  2. The website is owned by Polska Grupa Producentów Obuwia, Stanisław Dolny 312A, 34-130 Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, entered into the National Court Register kept by the XI Economic Division of the National Court Register of the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Krakow under KRS number 0000812671, with NIP number 5512642336, REGON number 384818734.
  3. The Association is a public benefit organization conducting unpaid public benefit activity, and thus the donation made to it may be taken into account when settling personal income tax (PIT) and corporate income tax (CIT).
  4. Donations made to the Association shall be used solely for the activities of the Association.
  5. These Terms of Donation are an integral part of the Terms of Service. Acceptance of the Terms of Service means acceptance of the Donation Regulations.
  6. Before using the applications that support the payment of donations, the Service Recipient (Donor) is required to read the Donation Regulations.
  7. The current version of the Donations Act is always available to Service Recipients (Donors) in the section [DONATIONS ACTIVITY REGULATIONS] of the website. The Donations Regulations are publicly and freely available to all entities, in particular to Service Recipients (Donors), in a manner that facilitates acquiring, reproducing, storing, and recording it in the ordinary course of activities by means of ICT system used by a given entity.


  1. For interpretation of terms used in the Donation Rules, the glossary of the Service Rules shall apply, or as described in the Donation Rules (if directly apparent from the description).
  2. For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the following capitalized terms shall be construed as follows:
  • Service – the website (a web page with all its functionalities).
  • Association – Service Provider within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on electronic services, i.e. Polish Footwear Manufacturers Group providing electronic services through the Service, as well as accepting donations using secure online payment Operator services.
  • Donation Regulations – these regulations.
  • Service Recipient – an adult natural person or a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, who reads or uses the services offered through the Website or who makes a donation using the services of the Secure Internet Payment Operator (after making a donation, referred to as a “Donor”).
  • Secure online payment operator – financial services intermediary, owner or administrator of systems that allow payments (donations) to be made to the Association, i.e. PayU.
  • Donation – cash or in-kind funds or services donated by a Service Recipient for the activities of the Association.
  • Donor – a Service Recipient of the Service who has made a Donation.
  • Grantee – The Association, upon receipt of the Donation from the Donor.


  1. By transferring financial or in-kind resources, a Service Recipient (Donor) makes a donation within the meaning of Article 888.1 of the Civil Code. The agreement thus involves an obligation on the part of the Service Recipient (Donor) to provide a free benefit to the recipient (Association) at the expense of its assets (Donation).
  2. In case of donation of funds, transfer of funds results in fulfillment of the prerequisites of art. 890 §1 second sentence of the Civil Code, which means that regardless of the fact that the form of notarial deed was not observed, the donation is valid and effective regardless of the form in which the parties’ statements were made.
  3. In case of a donation of goods or services, the transfer of the goods declared in an email correspondence or in any other form to the Association, and in case of a donation of services – the performance of these services, results in the fulfillment of the conditions of art. 890 §1 second sentence of the Civil Code, which means that regardless of the form in which the declarations of the Donor (Service Recipient) and the Recipient (Association) were made, the donation is valid and effective.


In order to make a donation of goods or services (volunteering), the Service Recipient (Donor) should use the contact form providing details of the intended donation of goods or services.


  1. Donating funds to support the activities of the Association is possible either by making a payment of the selected donation amount directly to the Foundation’s account or by using the secure online payment operator application available on the Website.
  2. A financial donation is a one-time payment made through the Patronite program. In this case, the Donor should click on the Patronite logo in the footer of the website. The financial support is transferred in full to the statutory activities of the Association.
  3. A donor has the opportunity to become a member of the Association. In this case, they have to click on the icon in the header of the Service [JOIN US] and then decide whether they want to become an Ordinary Member or a Supporting Member. The differences, rights and duties in this case are regulated by the Association’s Statute available at Membership in the Association involves fees, which are charged within the framework of the submitted Declaration. The fees are calculated on an annual basis. A donor can choose one of the available amounts of financial donations or can enter his/her own amount, however not less than it would result from the membership fees. After choosing the membership, entering personal data and the declared amount, the Donor clicks on “Submit Declaration”.
  4. After sending the declaration, the Donor will receive an e-mail informing about the above mentioned fact. Within 30 consecutive days, he/she will be informed by email if he/she is accepted as a Member of the Association. If the Donor does not qualify as an Ordinary or Supporting Member of the Association, the full amount of the Donation will be refunded through the same payment channel.
  5. If a Service Recipient (Donor) wishes to make a donation directly, without using the Operator’s secure online payment application, he should transfer any donation amount to the Association’s account held with Bank PEKAO S.A. 21 1240 4197 1111 0010 9466 1621 by making a direct transfer to that account or transferring it at a bank branch or post office.  
  6. Donations made within the secure online payment operator application available on the Website are processed by PayU, with its headquarters in Poznan, 182 Grunwaldzka Street, 60-166, NIP: 779-23-08-495;
  7. When using the Secure Online Payment Provider application, a donation can be made by:
    • Online Transfer;
    • Payment card (credit or debit);
    • Traditional transfer;
  8. One-time card transactions are processed through the PayU online payment system.
  9. Donor details, title and payment amount are provided to PayU by the Association. The order is submitted for registration after PayU receives the payment. The payment is made available to the Association within one hour, however not later than by the end of the next working day. PayU does not charge the Donor a service processing fee. The operator of secure internet payments charges the Association a commission of – 2,9% on each payment.


For complaints relating to the making of cash payment donations via the Secure Online Payment Provider, complaints should be addressed directly to the relevant Secure Online Payment Provider. For more information regarding the submission of complaints relating to the making of cash payments, please visit: or on the Donor’s bank website.


  1. By making a donation, the donor agrees to the processing of personal data for the purpose of handling the donation. The administrator of the personal data provided for the purpose of processing the donation agreement is the Foundation. Details regarding the processing of personal data by the Foundation are described in the Privacy Policy.
  2. The Association transfers to the Secure Internet Payment Operator only the Donor’s personal data (recipient’s data, title, and payment amount) for the purposes necessary to process the payment. In the payment process, the Secure Online Payment Operator enters into an agreement with the Donor-customer-payer for a single payment transaction on the basis of the terms and conditions available on that Operator’s website and accepted by the Donor in the payment process. To that extent, the Secure Internet Payment Operator becomes an independent administrator of the Donor’s personal data.
  3. The Donor’s full payment card details will only be held by the Secure Online Payment Provider.


All information sent is encrypted. In order to process payments, the Association uses secure licensed payment operators such as PayU.


These Regulations shall become effective on October 29, 2021

The Administrator may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time, in particular in order to adjust its provisions to the commonly applicable provisions of law. The current version of these Terms and Conditions will be made available to Service Recipients on the Website together with the information about the introduced change.

Matters not regulated by these Donation Regulations shall be governed by the relevant provisions of Polish law.

hen any provision or provisions hereof shall be held invalid, illegal or ineffective, the validity, legality and effectiveness of the remaining provisions of the Donation Rules shall not be affected thereby.

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