Ordinary Member

He has the right to:

  1. To participate in the activities of the Association and its bodies;
  2. Exercise active and passive voting rights;
  3. Submit opinions and motions to the Association authorities;
  4. To represent the Association for the realization of the objectives of the Association in the bodies of local government and socio-economic by resolution of the General Meeting of Members;
  5. Take initiatives, submit proposals and projects aimed at achieving the objectives and tasks of the Association;
  6. Benefit from the recommendations and care of the Association.


  1. To actively pursue the statutory objectives of the Association;
  2. Observance of the statute, regulations and resolutions of the Association authorities;
  3. Caring for the good name of the Association;
  4. Regular payment of dues and other fees, the amount of which is determined by the General Meeting of Members;
  5. To take an active part in the meetings of the Association.

In accordance with par. 17 of the Articles of Association

“If you want to have a real influence on the activities of the Association, participate in General Meetings, have an electoral vote choose this option. The Association reserves the right to refuse an ordinary member for cause.”

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